Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan tour operator in Kathmandu, Local travel agency in Nepal.

    Himalayan Mentor is a tour operator/agency for Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan in Kathmandu. We provide quality trips for our beloved customers in reasonable cost. As an adventure travel company we offer a wide range of tour and travel activities such as Nepal trekking, hiking, culture and sightseeing tour with professional guides (who can clearly describe the history and religious significant of the places), walking holidays in the low altitude to higher mountain peaks, wildlife tours, rafting, day hiking and many more. Our major operation destinations are Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim - Darjeeling.

    We are govt. registered Kathmandu based local Tour Company and always think about client’s satisfaction whether they travel to Nepal or Tibet or Bhutan or Sikkim. We are rather happy to introduce ourselves as a traveling partner, traveling advisor to provide correct information and advices to fulfill your adventure and luxury travel dreams.  We operate every travel activities on guest’s interest. For your secure and enjoyable journey, we provide govt. license holder guide, who will be knowledgeable about the trip, well trained & experienced and makes every moment of your journey fantastic.

    The company comprises with a team of well experienced travel professionals who have spent in tourism field for over a decade. Believing in responsible tourism and Eco-friendly travel, we try our best providing tourism services that care about local communities & culture as well as wildlife conservation & the environment.

    The company is successfully moving ahead doing business with ambitions to change tourism for the long-term benefit of local people, tourists, the environment and the tourism industry. Thus, we open hands to explore the news tourist trails all over the Nepal. In our vital contribution, Guerrilla trekking trail is opened in Rukim/Rolpa districts of Nepal where tourists are making to move slowly. This is great example what we love to do. We want to explore the opportunity in very rural part of the country, so the people for these are can benefit from our contribution. We offer various Multi-country travel holiday packages for guest, so they can travel without any hesitation in there destination. We based in Kathmandu, so most of travellers think we are only Nepal travel agency but we want to ensure them that we are regularly operating trip to Tibet and Bhutan from Nepal as well.  Thus, we can proudly say we are trip operator for Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim.

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