Bungy Jump in Nepal

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In Nepal Bungee Jumping (called “Bungy jumping” also) one of the most exciting adventure sport which is popular among not only foreigner but also Nepalese youth who love the adventure sports. The bungy spot is located Nepal’s wildest river gorge of Bhote Kohsi near by Tibet boarder land. From the typical Swiss technical bridge a remarkable height of 160 meters bungy jump once invite you to scale its thrilling challenge. It is just a day trip from Kathmandu you can drive in 3 hours to reach there. Or it is also can be combined with Bhote Koshi rafting trip together 2 nights 3 days package basis. Probably the short adrenaline river run on class 4-5 grade and ultimate free fall may be the very best adventure trip for you.

The exciting news among the bungy loves, now another Bungy jumping spot open in Pokhara. This might be an extension trip just before and after the Annapurna trek.

Himalayan Mentor assists you to organize your bungy jump trip in Nepal. Please just let us know your interests of any adventure activities we will be happy to customize with your seeking holiday package.

Bungy Jump in Nepal,We operate Bungy Jump in Nepal, Bungee jumping in Bhote Koshi river and in Pokhara Nepal.,https://www.himalayanmentor.com/assets/images/nepal/bungy-jump-in-nepal.webp,Last Updated: 2022-01-29,en-US, Himalayan Mentorhttps://www.himalayanmentor.com/assets/images/nepal/bungy-jump-in-nepal-small.webp