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    Eco-tourism, also known as Sustainable Tourism is the form of tourism that involve to nature based traveling in undisturbed or untouched in remote places. It has become famous recently and more and more  tourists are interested in eco-tourism.

    Nepal, though small nation is blessed with extreme natural beauty nestling in the lap of mighty Himalayan mountain continuously making it’s effort to develop itself as one of the famous eco-tourism destination of world. This form of tourism is regarded as environment friendly and protection of nature and its habitat. It is powerful tools to engage, encourage and educate local people, tourists, government and private agencies or tourism entrepreneurs to be aware and learn to protect natural resources of the country.

    Being an Eco friendly travel agency we try to sustainable Tourism activities in Nepal.

    Ecotourism is travel activities that ensures direct economic benefit to local people and should focus on minimum impact on natural environment and protect the conservation. It also teaches the travelers something about the nature and culture of the area which they visit.  The main focus of Eco-tourism is on those areas which are rich in biodiversity, wildlife and respect cultural heritage.

    Glistening clusters of peaks in the Himalayas, green forest , gently slopping hills, whitewaters, fertile valleys with unique diverse of flora and fauna become always main attractions in Nepal. These undeniable natural exquisiteness and charms has made Nepal a perfect location for Eco-tourism lovers. Nepal is a true land of diversity, stretching 147 sq. Km, lowlands and different climatic condition is always fascinating to everyone.

    Himalayan Mentor being strong supporter Ecotourism campaign, we always make sure we put our effort to save our wildlife, nature and respect cultural heritage. We also promote eco friendly destination and operate eco friendly tours and treks in Himalayan country.

    We ensure that any tour and travel program related to ecotourism we operate will help to raise the economic activities of the local people, respecting their culture and empower them by creating better understanding between the hosts and visitors. All Ecotourism related programs offered by Himalayan mentor are truly environmental friendly, teaches our traveler to respect local culture and understand environmental issue and provide maximum economic benefit to the local people.

    We welcome you to visit Nepal and engage yourself in Eco-tourism and explore yourself and make your holiday a meaningful and enjoyable.

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