FAM trips to Nepal for travel agents!

    FAM trips in Nepal is becoming popular among the individual or group entrepreneur who organizes trip for travel agents, tour operators, tour wholesalers or other members of the travel trade for the purpose of educating and “familiarizing” them with tourism destinations. By seeing the destinations where they are sending travelers, the travel trade is better prepared to answer customer questions and promote travel to the location. Also called “FAM trip” or “familiarization tours.”

    FAM trip in Nepal

    Nepal is the suitable destination, if you are thinking to target your business to the mountain country to explore the Himalayas and get inspired by Hindu and Buddhism culture. One of many benefits to becoming a travel agent, these “working trips” allow our agents to have fun, enjoyable and useful experiences at resorts and destinations across the country and around the world. When you go on a FAM Trip, you will return with the education and confidence you need to make new bookings! In fact, you can take photos and post them on your own social media accounts or share them directly with your clients to spark their desire to reach out to you about their next trip.

    Nepal FAM trip

    Another benefit to FAM trips and Seminars at mountain is that while you’re having fun, you also get the opportunity to network with other travel agents! While these trips are “working trips” there is usually time set aside for agents to relax and enjoy the pools, beaches, bars and other activities. Take advantage of the “down time” and mingle with fellow agents and discuss what has and hasn’t worked for their business. Make sure to exchange information and stay in contact. It’s a great way to extend your professional network!

    Nepal FAM trip

    We at Himalayan Mentor, happy to arrange the FAM trips around Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, even the holiday packages in our website doesn’t suite your requirement, we are flexible to customize it based on your requirement.

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