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    Updated on: 08th Feb, 2022

    Mount Everest is arguably the most stunning natural wonder of the world, and something that attracts countless tourists to Nepal. Even if you don't attempt to scale the mountain itself, the Everest base camp trek is among the cooler things you can do in this part of the world (though it's no picnic itself!). In addition to looking like something out of a fantasy and presenting unique physical challenges, however, Everest is also interesting because of the tales and legends it inspires.

    Knowing some of those tales can add some intrigue to an already incredible destination. So just for fun, we thought we'd recount a few of the popular legends that surround the mountain.

    UFO Activity

    In 2015, Nepal experienced a very real earthquake that devastated much of the population. This is no legend, but rather one of the worst natural disasters the world has seen in the last decade or so. It's not uncommon, however, for conspiracy theorists and legend chasers to look for evidence of unusual activity before and after such disasters. And, true to form, there were some who believed that a UFO had actually been seen at Mount Everest via satellite in the aftermath of the earthquake. The theory is that the Nepal fault zones were still under stress after the earthquake and that a UFA may for some reason have been checking out the area to survey damage done and potential shockwaves to follow.

    Really, it's the sort of story or legend that falls in line with the sort of thing you hear on television shows like Ancient Aliens. There are many people who believe they see evidence of god-like extraterrestrial influence on human history, and typically the geological points where evidence is visible coincide with magnificent scenery or incredible ancient constructions. Thus, it's not particularly surprising to see UFO believers pointing to Mount Everest. Still, it's an interesting thing to keep in mind if you ever tour the area.

    The Yeti

    The Yeti (or Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or the Abominable Snowman) has taken just about every form possible for a mythical monster. Hoax videos have showed it to be an ape-like creature stalking the woods. Horror films have shown him as a brutal beast, and some scientific types have even theorized about a sort of long-lost Neanderthal. These days we even see him portrayed cartoonishly in small games and animations. Online games in particular have begun to rely more on more graphic-heavy designs, and in doing so have roped in characters and themes such as "Scary Friends," a slot game featuring a Yeti-like beast at its center. A similarly goofy interpretation to the Scary Friends slot is simply called "Yeti Game" and is available for mobile devices.

    Of course, however, while there may be all kinds of interpretations in pop culture, there are those who truly believe in a form of Yeti that exists in wild and remote places. Companies as serious as the BBC and Travel Channel have speculated about the existence of a "Himalayan Yeti," building off of the idea that there have been countless reports of people who claim to have seen some sort of snowy ape-man in the area. It's no wonder that the idea of a real live Yeti (or perhaps many of them) has become arguably the most intriguing Mount Everest myth legend.

    Ghosts Of Climbers

    Perhaps the most spine-tingling of the Mount Everest legends is one that's actually told by the people who act as the unofficial stewards of the mountain. The Himalayan Sherpas are renowned for their ability to navigate the mountain and help ambitious climbers to reach its summit. However, some of them are also said to revere Everest and some of the other mountains in the area as almost holy realms. Thus, there's a spiritual side to things that actually leads some of these same Sherpas to believe they've encountered the ghosts of climbers.

    One of the most harrowing accounts comes from a Sherpa named Pemba Dorji, who in 2004 laid a claim to the fastest ever ascent of Everest. He also claimed to have seen spirits in the form of black shadows coming toward him and begging for something to eat. One can only imagine the Sherpa's terror if indeed he feels he really saw such a thing, but it actually fits with some of the general lore among these unique mountain-climbing professionals. They tend to believe that there are restless spirits of fallen or frozen climbers lingering on Mount Everest.

    Again, these are just legends. But with a destination as spectacular as Mount Everest, it's fun to know a little bit of the lore before you visit.

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