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Sightseeing in Lumbini provide in your inside real peace and paradise. The birthplace of Lord Buddha Lumbini lies in the southern Terai plains of Nepal and is about 300 kilometers Southwest of Kathmandu. The holy site Lumbini as being birthplace of Lord Buddha regarded as a sacred pilgrimage site for Buddhist religion people. In 250 BC, Emperor Ashoka built a large stone pillar containing an inscription about the birth of the Buddha which is main remaining proof for entire world to now the reality of the place. There is a museum and a research center for Buddhism and beautiful many newly built monuments. Most popular of them are- Peace Pagoda, Lumbini Garden, Maya Devi Temple, Tara Foundation, World China Temple, Thai Monastery, Burmese (Myanmar) Temple, Nepal Buddha Temple and Dharmaswami Buddhist monastery are the major attractions of Lumbini.  

Lumbini is located 25 km east of the municipality of Kapilavastu, the place where the Buddha grew up and lived up to the age of 29. Kapilvastu is the name of place as well as the neighbouring district. Lumbini has various Buddhist temples including the Mayadevi temple and many which are presently (2007) under construction. There is also the Puskarini pond and remains of Kapilvastu palace in Lumbini. There are other sites near Lumbini where, according to Buddhist tradition, previous Buddhas were born and achieved enlightenment and died.

Lumbini, as of 1997, is an UNESCO World Heritage Site specifically nominated for the international World Heritage program.

The holy site of Lumbini is bordered by a large monastic zone, in which only monasteries can be built, no shops or hotels or restaurants. It is separated into an eastern and western monastic zone, the eastern having the Theravadin monasteries, the western having Mahayana and Vajrayana monasteries.

The holy site of Lumbini has ruins of ancient monasteries, a sacred Bodhi tree, an ancient bathing pond, the Asokan pillar and the Mayadevi temple, where the precise place of birth of Buddha is located. From early morning to early evening, pilgrims from various countries perform chanting and meditation at the site.

Lumbini Sightseeing,Lumbini Sightseeing, Lord Buddha birth place visit with Himalayan Mentor.,,Last Updated: 2024-02-09,en-US, Himalayan Mentor