Mountain Biking in Nepal

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Mountain biking in Nepal is getting more popular among the bickers of the world. Since few year back some of Nepalese young keen groups are also like to Nepal mountain biking for their leisure to make themselves good fitness exercise. It also helps to produce some very good level of recreational cyclist. Nepal has various suitable destinations for mountain biking which are safe and magnificent outing spots. Biking in the mountain and enjoy the Himalayan panorama is the best thing happen during the trip. Beside that you will enjoy the local culture, beautiful nature and adventure sports as well. Simply bikers can arrange day trip to explore Nepal’s highlighted places of Kathmandu city or go for multi day mountain biking trip to countryside visit. Mainly short riding trips are more popular in Kathmandu and Pokhara region.

Nepal mountain biking trips organized by Himalayan Mentor will be as guided package basis and our major cycling tour operation destinations are Nepal and Tibet. Mountain biking Lhasa to Kathmandu is ever most challenging ride in the world and it is always a dream of bikers to do it once in life. In Nepal multi days biking trips can be organized around Kathmandu valley rim, Pokhara valley rim, Chitwan and foothills of countryside from where rider can see scenic beauty of villages, terraced rice fields, temples, monasteries, with spectacular views of the snowy peaks of the Himalayas. If you are coming to biking trip in Nepal and difficult to take your own cycle, if so please do not worry about this, we will help to hire world class bikes/cycles in Kathmandu, which makes your biking dream in the lap of Himalayas come true. Please find some of most popular mountain biking in Nepal as below;

  • A day Kathmandu biking tour
  • Kathmandu to Pokhara biking tour
  • Around Kathmandu valley biking trip
  • Kathmandu to Lhasa biking or Lhasa to Kathmandu cycling tour
  • Mountain biking on Annapurna foothills

Please let us know your requirement and then we will provide the custom made package for you.

Beside we also offer motor biking tour in Nepal and Tibet. If you are interested to do biking tour in Nepal, please do not hesitate to write us, we will send you trip itinerary details.

Mountain Biking in Nepal,Mountain Biking in Nepal, Nepal Himalayan mountain biking holiday for various day who love to ride over Nepal. ,,Last Updated: 2022-01-29,en-US, Himalayan Mentor