Muktinath Helicopter Tour

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Muktinath Helicopter Tour, Muktinath Darshan by Helicopter which is best for pilgrimage trip to Muktinath.,Muktinath Helicopter Tour,Helicopter,Muktinath Helicopter Tour,Published: 2022-01-18,Last Updated: 2022-01-18,, Muktinath Helicopter Tour USD In stock Jan 06, 2040 Helicopter

Himalayan Mentor’s Muktinath Helicopter tour starts from Pokhara city airport and end at the same place which can be combined with Pokhara tour together or direct flight connection with there.  Muktinath is holy pilgrimage site for Hindus and Buddhist. It is Trans–Himalaya a popular trekking route in Annapurna region for short and long trip.  Jomsom –Muktinath gives similar feeling of Tibetan plateau and the mountain views are superb. The trip allows you to visit Muktinath (3800 m) within an hour and flying back to Pokhara you will be taken close up towards entire Annapurna massif which allow you to enjoy spectacular views of Annpurna South, Mt Fishtail and other stunning peaks. In the recent days Muktinath helicopter tour is booked by various pilgrims who want to do Pooja in Muktinath temple. So we can say this is Muktinath Helicopter pilgrimage tour. But of course this is not only the pilgrimage trip but also you can enjoy the beautiful scenic Himalayas and unique culture around Muktinath temple.

Muktinath Darshan by helicopter - highlights

  • Tour Duration: 3-4 hours including stop over
  • Starting & Ending Point: Pokhara airport
  • Best of the Tour: Visiting Holy Pilgrimage Site Muktinath & spectacular views of Annapurna-Dhaulagiri Himalayan range
  • Transfer: Airport pick up and drop
  • Meals: Self along the tour
  • Minimum Group Size: 4 persons at least
  • Tour Cost: Contact Us
Muktinath Helicopter Tour,Muktinath Helicopter Tour, Muktinath Darshan by Helicopter which is best for pilgrimage trip to Muktinath.,,Last Updated: 2022-01-18,en-US,Himalayan Mentor