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    Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) is planning to resume its mountain flights within few months after almost 18 years. To study the feasibility of mountain flight through its 56-seater Modern Ark (MA) 60, the state owned airlines conducted test flight on Saturday.

    “According to our technical team, MA 60 is perfect for mountain flight. Though it is 56- seater , it is possible to carry only 32 passengers on mountain flight as the view cannot be seen through the windows on the wings side,” said Madan Kharel, managing director of NAC adding that we are happy to resume our mountain flights after almost 18 years.

    NAC will be operating the mountain flight after four months. “We will be carrying out mountain flights commercially both from MA 60 and Harbin Y 12e once we receive the remaining aircraft from China,” said Kharel.

    NAC said that the fare for mountain flight will be cheaper than those of the private airlines. Currently private airlines are charging Rs 10,660 for an hour flight.

    The MA 60 and Y 12 e is a part of loan and grant agreement worth Rs6.67 billion that Nepal signed with India for the procurement of six aircraft -- two MA 60s and four 18-seater Harbin Y12e. China is yet to provide one MA 60 and three Harbin Y12e.

    Kharel said that NAC is also planning to operate MA 60 in Kathmandu-Pokhara sector.


    Nepal Airlines to resume mountain flight after 18 years,Nepal Airlines to resume mountain flight after 18 years,,Last Updated: 2021-12-29,en-US, Himalayan Mentor