Best short treks in Nepal for beginners

Here are the best treks in Nepal for beginners in 2023 which will be the best choice for any beginner level hikers to enjoy the panoramic Himalayan view still from the low altitude elevations. If your interest is to enjoy the panoramic Himalayan view without taking any risks, below listed treks are the best choice for your vacation;

Best short treks in Nepal for beginners offers you the best panoramic view of Nepal Himalayas in your short vacation period with easy walking tour. At Himalayan Mentor, we are always focusing on our client’s requirement so that they have appropriate adventure holiday in Nepal. The entire regular Nepal short trekking itineraries are design carefully to meet their holiday time frame and requirement. Here we have proposed some of the most selective the best short and easy treks in Nepal for 2023. All the trips we offer here are very easy walking holiday in Nepal. The selected the best short and easy treks in Nepal are designed as packages in fact basis, which we gained from our long term experiences and researched in the related field. We hope our proposed trek itinerary will give the detail information on best trek in Nepal for beginners.

The treks destination cover Nepal’s most highlighted areas which offers magnificent views of splendid Himalayan peaks, allow you to explore typical local culture and visit holy shrines, monasteries and important place in the remote Nepal. The Poon hill short trek, Royal panorama trek, Panchase short hiking and Gurkha’s culture trail are best of near Annapurna region covering entire Pokhara Valley Rim. The others are around Kathmandu Valley, amazing short trek in Everest & Helambu village also known as best short hiking destination among the short vacationers.

Difficulty level of short hiking is easy so every level of hiker enjoy their walking holiday for the short time duration. These trips are a kind of slow trekking trip where you can travel with your family, elder people or with children. High altitude sickness problem in these trips is really rare, if you don’t have any chronic disease before starting the trip.  So it is for all age group and all level of hikers. Most of short treks in Nepal starts form Kathmandu and Pokhara for your easy access. Should you have other choices and own interests apart from the packages mention here, we are always happy to hear from you and together we can design trekking itinerary accordingly. Nepal short trekking holiday also allow you to enjoy enough in the nature and encounter with colorful local cultural activities and life style of remote villages. Mainly short trekking holiday is for those travelers who have limited time and still like to see something different things of Himalayan treasure at reasonable cost.


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