Best tours Nepal for 2024/2025

Discover Unforgettable Nepal Tours: Best Nepal Tours for 2024/2025! Are you ready for an incredible journey to Nepal in 2024/2025? Look no further! Our carefully curated best Nepal holiday packages are designed to offer you the best experiences in this stunning destination. Choose from the options below, or let us help you create a personalized Nepal tour package tailored to your preferences.

  • Kathmandu valley tour

    Kathmandu valley tour

    Explore World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu valley

  • Kathmandu Pokhara tour

    Kathmandu Pokhara tour

    Enjoy the cultural & naturals sites of Kathmandu & Pokhara....

  • Kathmandu Chitwan Pokhara tour

    Kathmandu Chitwan Pokhara tour

    It combines culture, nature & Wildlife safari tours of Nepal....

  • Kathmandu Nagarkot Chitwan Tour

    Kathmandu Nagarkot Chitwan Tour

    Exotic trip to explore cultural heritage, nature & wildlife ...

  • Nepal Culture tour

    Nepal Culture tour

    Enjoy visiting all World Heritage sites of Kathmandu valley...

  • Nepal family holidays

    Nepal family holidays

    Nepal family tour to explore & enjoy the culture & nature....

  • Best Nepal tour

    Best Nepal tour

    Discover the best places of Nepal during your visit.

  • Nepal Mountain tour

    Nepal Mountain tour

    Explore beautiful mountains of Nepal and enjoy your holiday....

  • Nepal Experience tour

    Nepal Experience tour

    Experience Nepal visiting exotic places & heritage sites. ...

  • Hindu Pilgrimage Tour

    Hindu Pilgrimage Tour

    A pilgriamge journey to major Hindu temples in Nepal

  • Nepal Buddhist pilgrimage tour

    Nepal Buddhist pilgrimage tour

    A visit of major sacred sites around Nepal related to Buddhism...

  • Lumbini Tour

    Lumbini Tour

    Lumbini, the Birthplace of the Lord Buddha & holiest place ...

  • 2 week tour in Nepal

    2 week tour in Nepal

    Explore Nepal, visit cultural heritage & natural sites

  • Yoga Meditation tour in Nepal

    Yoga Meditation tour in Nepal

    Combined Nepal tour with yoga and meditation

  • Luxury Tour in Nepal

    Luxury Tour in Nepal

    Exclusive luxury tour in Nepal, amazing vacation abundant ...

We offer best tours in Nepal for 4 days to 2 week holidays around Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara, Nagarkot, Lumbini & Mount Everest of Nepal as per your timeframe and budget - make your enjoyable visit to Nepal in 2024 & 2025!

Best Holiday packages in Nepal with Himalayan Mentor

Himalayan Explorer Package

  • Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas.
  • Explore ancient monasteries and witness panoramic mountain views.
  • Engage in thrilling activities like trekking and mountaineering.

Cultural Heritage Tour

  • Uncover the rich history and cultural treasures of Nepal.
  • Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ancient temples, and royal palaces.
  • Experience the vibrant traditions and customs of the Nepalese people.

Wildlife Safari Adventure

  • Embark on an exciting wildlife safari in Nepal's national parks.
  • Encounter exotic wildlife, including rhinos, tigers, and elephants.
  • Experience the thrill of nature and conservation efforts.

Spiritual Retreat Journey

  • Find inner peace and tranquility in Nepal's spiritual sanctuaries.
  • Visit sacred places like Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha.
  • Participate in meditation and yoga sessions amidst serene surroundings.

Customize Your Own Adventure

  • Tailor your Nepal holiday package according to your preferences.
  • Choose specific destinations, activities, and accommodations.
  • Let us assist you in creating a personalized itinerary for an unforgettable experience.

Why Choose Himalayan Mentor's Nepal Tours?

  • Expertly crafted itineraries for a diverse range of interests.
  • Professional guides ensuring a safe and enriching experience.
  • Quality accommodations and seamless travel arrangements.
  • Flexibility to customize your journey based on your preferences.

Nepal tours 2024/2025 or travel holiday is most memorable journey for your lifetime for those who visit this nature and culture fulfilled land. Basically the hub of tour in Nepal is Kathmandu valley; which is covered by seven UNESCO world heritage sites. The temples and Stupas from centuries are the most significant architectural feature of Nepal. So one can say Kathmandu is “the city of temple”.  The Himalayas view from the cities & hill station, green valley and terrace, scenic mountains, rivers also another highlights of best tours of Nepal.  Few tour packages we offer in this website only covers Kathmandu valley which will be best trips for less than a week. You also can find some exciting holiday packages which arefor a week & more than a week which covers most touristic area of nepal like; Kathmandu valley, Chitwan, Pokhara,Nagarkot, Lumbini, Mount Everest flight and little bit walking in the mid hill region of Annapurna Himalayas which known as Nepal Experience Tour & Nepal Mountain Tour.  We tried to combine most popular sites in every package on aspect of nature and cultural significant.  As a local tour company we always focus on every plan to ensure our guests have maximum chance to view and explore with covering all the most popular destinations in their convenient time frame as well enjoy pleasurable holiday in Nepal with us. Besides we also try to combine our tour packages with some of the most renown outdoor adventure sports like-wildlife safari activities, easy hiking, driving to view point of hill stations, easy mountain biking, soaring Everest mountain flight and scenic soft rafting trip etc.

Let our experienced local guides reveal to you all the Natural Beauty, Cultural Diversity and Authenticity that this Exotic land has to offer. Nepal has something for everyone!

Tour in Nepal includes various cultural and historical, scenic and panoramic, wildernesses and imaginable places which make your Nepal tours unbelievable & you will put it on your bucket list again and again. If the packages we offer don’t suit for you, we are always happy to accept your own holiday plan. As it's summer season in Nepal, some of the tours you can enjoy as summer holiday in Nepal!

Probably a tour in Nepal is the most well known activity to do in Nepal which also known as sightseeing in Kathmandu and around. Along with Nepal has some of the best scenic destination to glimpse incredible views with colorful local culture, incredible flora-fauna and other many fascinating activities with fun filled environment of Nepalese traditional hospitality. So we make sure that your holiday will be an unforgettable and different experience with us.  We offer some of best holidays for you, which are based on various days like; 5 days, 8 days, 10 days, 12 days, 15 days etc. Our experienced tour guides always try to provide you right & true information in different sightseeing places which helps you to understand the history, culture and lifestyle of the local people. 


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