Less touristic area trekking in Nepal

Here are the best trekking in the less touristic areas of Nepal;

The other area for trekking in Nepal area less visited trekking trails. Less touristic trekking area covers Nepal’s most highlighted areas which are offer magnificent views of marvelous Himalayan peaks, allow you to explore wonderful local culture and visit holy shrines existed in remote part of Nepal. In these trekking routes you will get the facilities like; you will have in regular trekking trail Everest, Annapurna or Langtang. The infrastructures are still developing, trail are modifying for the comfortable walking holiday. In some of trails you will in local home (like; Homestay but not similar). As a trekking company, we always think about empowerment of local communities so we encourage to local people to involve in tourism for their well being. If you are looking for very less crowed are trekking, these trips might be your choice.  The culture and people of these are makes feel you unique experience. The local will welcome you to their village and show you great hospitalities. In fact, unique culture of local people and Spectacular Mountain views are main attraction of trekking in Nepal’s less touristic area.

Other treks in Nepal,Trekking in less touristic area to explore the hidden beauty of Nepali mountain and culture which will be lifetime experience for you, Less crowed area trek with Himalayan Mentor.,https://www.himalayanmentor.com/assets/images/manaslu/tsum-valley-trek.webp,Last Updated: 2023-09-05,en-US, Himalayan Mentorhttps://www.himalayanmentor.com/assets/images/trekking/other-treks-nepal-small.webp