Photography trip to Nepal

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Nepal is a highly photogenic country for a whole year. The mighty Himalayan peaks, panoramic mountains, lovely culture, nomadic people, adventure journey all make great subjects. Whether you like to capture great Himalayas through lens or nomadic people face, Himalayan region is the best part for you. For the local ethnic group photography, Kathmandu valley alone offers many as you can find a temple in every few steps if you stroll around the city. The rich cultural heritage of Kathmandu valley and UNRSCO world heritage sites is enough for you if you are looking for cultural photography journey.

The Mid-hill area of Nepal offers terraced field and amazing local people & culture. The Himalayan view you will see from the hill stations, the serenity of monasteries and temples, the traditional way of living of mountain people makes you busy to zoom in and out during the trip.

We can make a tailor-made photography trip to Nepal to suit your interest. Kathmandu valley, Nagarkot, Pokhara valley, Bandipur is the few names if you want to go on easy way for photography. Beside that you can enjoy your photography skill in the preserved National parks and conservation areas too. If you love to have an adventure journey, Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Upper Mustang, are the iconic destinations in Nepal for an adventure photography where you can enjoy hiking adventure in Nepal and capture the exciting moments in your camera throughout the trip.

Nepal is one of the best destinations in the world to capture the mighty Himalayas in your camera and Mid September to Mid December and Mid February to May are best times for it. As Nepal have many temples (the country of temples and monasteries) and celebrate many festivals throughout the year, you can enjoy the cultural photography journey to Nepal. Tiji festival in Upper Mustang (during May), Mani Rimdu festival in Everest (during November), many cultural occasions in Kathmandu valley and mountain area of Nepal is the major attractions for the cultural photography. If you want to enjoy wildlife photography, you will encounter with many wild animals like; Royal Bengal tiger, one horned Rhinos, deer, Gharial crocodile, many species of birds (around 915 species) in Chitwan and Bardia National Parks and Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve.

We took care of your journey by providing domestic flights, meals, land transfers, assistance and guide for during the trip. We will be happy to provide you a tailor-made photography tour package, please contact us with your requirement! We make your photography dreams to Nepal come true!

Photography trip to Nepal,Himalayan Mentor offers tailor-made photography tours to Nepal which includes Himalayas, nature, mountain, culture and wildlife. Book Nepal photography trip with local agency! ,,Last Updated: 2022-01-30,en-US, Himalayan Mentor