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    Responsible travel is new concept on tourism field of Nepal. Tourism is one of the oldest forms of business ever known. Since development of human history people like to travel from one place to another in search of food and better place to live in. Today as the civilization grows people love to travel for entertainment, spend their leisure and holiday. Due to the invention of modern transport system, the world become so small by which they can reach any part of the world within few hours.

    Apart from only entertainment and spending holiday, traveling broaden people's mind, inter-cultural exchange, build global peace and brotherhood among different people of the world irrespective of caste, color, religions and races.

    We at Himalayan Mentor encourage strongly be aware about "Responsible Tourism" as it has already become indispensable part in modern tourism. It has become necessity for us to respect and protect local culture, resources, wild life and heritage to keep balance of eco-tourism. We always encourage planning authorities, tourism businesses, tourists and local communities-to take responsibility for achieving sustainable tourism, and to create better places for people to live in and for people to visit around.

    Responsible tourism helps to generate greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities, improves working condition and access to the industries. At the same time it involves the local people to make positive contribution to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage which may affect their lifestyle whilst maintaining the world's diversity. It will help to provide good experiences for tourists through significant associations with local people creating greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues. Being a Responsible tour operator in Nepal, we always try to satisfy both travellers and local people.

    What Makes us Different?

    Travelling is simply way of escape from the normal routine of life and place of stay. The first thing that strike in our mind thinking about travel is usually think of vacation and most people take vacation  as relaxation.

    There are many reason people like to travel and spending their holiday differ from person to person.We have found people travel to see the natural beauty ,escape from their daily life,experience new cultures,people,exposed to new ideas and understand the world indepth.It gives you new perspective of the true wealth and help you gain knowledge on breath of human creativity.

    so traveling gives you relaxations, observation and enjoy the beauty of life.

    Himalayan Mentor provides a flexible travel service and carefully design programs and create every itinerary to suit the needs of each individual client or group.Having taken care off duration of your trip, the itinerary ,including specific accommodation, activities and destinations, and calculation of your budget we customize your holiday packages.

    Himalayan mentor has all the flexible programs that are made on well researched and each and every important information are mention.Our travel consultants are all well travelled and and have adequate knowledge and they are able to  provide you with expert travel advice and tips and handle all the queries on time.

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