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    Published on: 24 March 2011

    10 days Media campaign for exploring tourism in Rukum was held from 7th March to 15 March 2011.

    Sisne Himal
    Sisne Himal View

    The team of tourism specialist and journalist from Kathmandu along with government officials and local stakeholders took part at the Tourism perspective interaction programs in Khalanga on 9th March and Rukum kot on 11th March organized by local CBO, Dynamic Youth Society, Nepal.

    The exploring team was first welcomed early morning by Mt.Sisne Himal (5849m) at Khaula, in Rukum. And started to visit several People’s war related regions, explored the war spots, its remnants, Communes, met martyrs families and  local witnesses of people’s war during 10 years long revolution  in Nepal. 

    Rukum Tourism

    Interaction programme in Rukum about tourism

    Major tourism potentials like Syarpu Lake, Kamal Lake, waterfalls ,hot springs, Deurali Caves and various pilgrimage centers around Rukum would be most attracting destination for tourism in Rukum.

    The team has trekked along the routes once used by Guerillas during people’s war movement which could be one of the fascinating trekking routes for the tourists. The war regions and surrounding can be major center for research and study for many scholars and researchers.

    In the midway of the tour, we reached Kankri, a typical-grouped village of ethnic Magar and took part in the famous Bhumey Dance, observed Jhakri cultures (shamanism cutlure), Nacharu, Jholi naach, Digrey naach, fanka etc. The rich Magar culture would be another  tourist attraction in Rukum.

    Rukum Taka Village
    Taka Village in Rukum

    This exploring team further move forward trekking and passing by beautiful landscape, favorable places of Guerilla war, snowcapped hills, Magar villages, spectacular view of Dhaulagiri ranges and making transit through beautiful Magar villages of Kankri, tallo sera , Taksera, trekking through Dhorpatan hunting reserved area and finally reached Burtibang , Baglung district.

    Throughout our journey we met several villages, local people, their rich cultures, awesome Himalayan ranges of Sisne, Putha, Dhaulagiri, Chouri peaks etc. Friendly behaviors and warm welcome of the local people, their smiles, mouth watering local organic foods like Maize cakes, lotus chutney, curds, Dhindo, chicken  curry, nettle curry added flavors to our journey energizing us, making our journey more interesting, memorable and steady keeping our hopes alive to take every steps ahead .

    During our research and campaign visit, our team has explored various war spots, the route once used by Guerilla during people's war, the remnants of war, various lakes, caves, Dhorpatan conservation region and Magar villages and their unique culture. The team has successfully completed 10 days media campaign and discovered great possibility of tourism prospect in Rukum.

    Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve
    Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

    War tourism, Eco-tourism, Agro-tourism, culture tourism, herbal tourism (famous Yarshagumba- cordyceps sinensis ) and adventure tourism are potential tourism activities awaiting eagerly in Rukum for all regional and international tourists. Rukum soon will become the main new tourism destination in the next few years.

    To introduce Rukum as main tourist destination joint effort and commitment has to be taken from government, policy makers, tourism entrepreneurs and local stakeholders.

    Preservation of war remnants, management of the local resources and conservation of natural heritage as well as infrastructure development are the most essential steps to take up immediately.

    The first ever “Media campaign for tourism exploration in Rukum” was supported by Nepal tourism Board, organized by Dynamic Youth Society, Nepal and promoted and initiated by Himalayan Mentor.

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    -Surendra Rana
    Campaign researcher

    Rukum : “Virgin land - a new tourism destination in Nepal”,Rukum : “Virgin land - a new tourism destination in Nepal”, trekking in Rukum Rolpa with local trekking agency.,,Last Updated: 2015-03-31,en-US, Himalayan Mentor