Book Nepal & Bhutan tours/treks with us!

    We request you to kindly read the terms and conditions thoroughly. Please feel free to write for any confusion.

    1) How to book the trip.

    Please make your planning carefully for the trip wisely to meet your budget and time. Once the trip is confirmed, 20% to 50% (as per nature of trip) amount of the trip is required to pay in while the rest of the payment should be upon your arrival in Nepal before departure of your trip. You can find the steps of book the trip here.

    2) Prices:

    Prices quoted are subject to change as per the change in exchange rates, unavoidable circumstances like climatic change, flight cancellation, internal political situation etc. However there are no any hidden costs but transaction fee should be from client's end.

    3) Amendments and transfer of booking trip to another:

    We have the option that you could make change your trip or date but should be made early. But the any additional costs for the trip should be paid by you. We will try our arrange and alter the program to suit you best with similar or another.

    4) Change/Delay in Program:

    Sometime due to the unavoidable circumstances like bad climate, political unrest, landslides, health illness, natural disasters which are beyond human control may occur, we will be happy to refer you for any alternative trip to suit you.

    4) Cancellation & Refunds:

    Cancellation time and refund policy are as follow;

    1. 70% refundable if canceled before 31 days or a month before the trip. (Note: For Bhutan trips, 30% is refundable, and for Tibet trips, only 50% is refundable if you cancel the trip.)
    2. 50% refundable for Nepal trips, 10% refundable for Bhutan trips, and 30% refundable for Tibet trips 2 to 3 weeks before the trip date.
    3. 0% refundable less than 2 weeks before the trip date.
    4. If you leave the trip for any reason (personal, political, or due to natural calamities or bad weather) in the middle, there won’t be any refund.

    5: Health & Fitness:

    We advice you have check with your personal physician before making any trip. It is advisable to let us know if you have any problems with your health.

    6: Travel Insurance:

    It is advisable you compulsory have your travel insurance to cover accidents, emergency rescue in case of unfavorable climatic condition or need to leave the trip in the middle.

    7: Passport & Visas:

    All the travelers should have valid passport for six month and visa can be obtain from Nepalese embassy or consulate in your country, however visa is stamp at the time of arrival in Airport.

    8: Complaints:

    Any complaints during the trip can be informed to your tour leader or guide immediately or at the office after completion of the trip. The management will try to look into the matter and take action accordingly.

    Privacy Policy:
    We always respect the privacy of every individual. We may collect the personal details and information for official uses. But the information provided by individual will not be shared or published without the individual consent.
    We at Himalayan Mentor always keep in mind the safety, comfort and the privacy of every human being.

    Note: Any trips you booked with Himalayan Mentor are based on the terms and conditions mentioned above and you can’t claim anything beyond that.

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