Tibet General Travel Information

    Access to Tibet Travel

    Himalayan Mentor organizes tours, treks and other adventure trips in Tibet based on both entry and exit from Nepal or direct entering by flight via mainland of China. Air China operates flights between Kathmandu and Lhasa every Tue, Thu & Sat in a week. All our trips which begin with flying into Lhasa can be joined from Kathmandu, Beijing, Hong Kong, Chengdu or Bangkok (via Chengdu). Up on arrival you will meet our official representative and transferred to your hotel in Lhasa. Or if you are traveling by overland the trip will be ended in Lhasa and fly out or catch the train to onward destination.

    Accommodation, Foods & Guide in Tibet

    In Lhasa capital of Tibet, the accommodation will be at standard hotel. It is renowned for its authentic hospitality and warm Tibetan atmosphere and the hotels perfectly situated in the centre of main town and along the route accommodation will be in the best available hotels.

    Meals lunch & dinner will either be in the hotel or at a restaurant of your choice out side as best available. You may whilst on the roadhouse restaurants or at Chinese tea shops along the way which generally serve a variety of noodle and vegetable dishes and meat as best available.

    Throughout your time in Tibet you will be accompanied by a knowledgeable Tibetan guide who will not only act as an interpreter but also provide a valuable insight into the Tibetan way of life.

    Food on Tibet Trek

    The foods provided are as fresh as possible and our cook and kitchen team maintain all exceptional standards of cleanliness and food preparation hygiene. Special standard of dietary requirements are all catered along the trip.

    Hygienically prepared 3 meals breakfast, lunch & dinner will be served day by day during the trek with a variety of local and western dishes and plenty of tea, coffee and hot chocolate for drinks. The breakfast will be choice of porridge, muesli and cereal followed by omelet, fried or scrambled eggs with chapattis or bread.

    Lunch will be a selection of salad, cooked vegetable dishes, pasta and traditional breads. After a long day on the trail, dinner is a soup, followed by a variety of vegetable, meat, rice and pasta dishes and completed with a simple dessert.

    Transportation in Tibet

    Himalayan Mentor uses best available transportation during the tirp and it is very reliable and will make the journey as comfortable as possible. As for the trekking and climbing there will be a truck for carrying luggage and trek equipments. Along the tour you will be driving several hours and stopping along the way for photographs or places of special interest and stopping for lunch at around midday. After lunch we continue our journey, generally arriving at our destination by 3 or 4 PM.

    Your Health Issue

    Himalayan Mentor highly recommend to every trekkers or travelers  to consult with doctor and do well check up  their personal health condition and be vaccinated to malaria, tetanus, typhoid, hepatitis and polio at least 2 months prior to the beginning of trek, tour or other outdoor activities. For trekking or travel above 3000m high elevation Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is always main health concerns. Many trekkers and travelers to Tibet experience such common mild symptoms initially like headache, tiredness, nausea and difficulty sleeping but these will be fine within a few days. Trekkers or travelers need to drink at least 2.5 to 3 liters water everyday in fact sufficient drink of liquid prevents Acute Mountain Sickness in higher elevation and also required enough rest and keep body’s temperature warm.

    Hotels in Lhasa are equipped with oxygen and doctor is also available on call. A supply of bottled oxygen is carried in the vehicle at all times. We also carry a Portable Altitude Chamber (PAC) called also Gamow Bag on all our Tibet treks and Mt Kailash tours in case of altitude sickness. If you have any pre-existing medical condition, please consult your doctor before booking and bring adequate medication for any such condition.

    In case of a serious sickness occur or a casualty, which are exceptional, you shall be driven by a land cruiser to nearest Nepal-Tibet border as helicopter is not allowed to fly in Tibet. Since you are entirely liable for all the expenses incurred in evacuation please make sure that it is covered by your travel insurance before assigning for it or be prepared to pay on your own after getting back in Kathmandu.

    Equipment Check List 

    Please Contact us to get information about equipment used on tibet tour, trekking and expedition.

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