Tibet to open in 2023 for foreign travelers.

    Now you can travel to Tibet, China expats with a Tibet Permit can now easily visit Tibet without any limitation or quarantine. Which means Tibet is already opened for the foreign travelers those who are working on Mainland China after being closed due to COVID-19. So now we can expect that Tibet will reopen soon to overseas travelers (foreigner) too. The government of China announced that China to reopen borders, drop Covid quarantine from January 8, 2023. If the situation goes under control, we are hopeful for that Tibet will open for spring season of 2023.

    Tibet Lhasa tour

    Himalayan Mentor offer many tours around Tibet and Mt. Kailash area and getting concern from many individuals and group travelers about when Tibet will open again? The announcement made by China Government provided us something to sharing with our clients (to both who are still waiting to visit Tibet already booked the trip and who are interested to visit but can’t plan now due to the restrictions).  Hopefully 2023 April might be the first month after travel restriction due to Covid-19 issue to take our clients to Tibet for their amazing holiday to nomadic land.

    Mt. Kailash tour

    Please keep in touch with us for your holidays around Tibet or Mt. Kailash tours or combination tour of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan or Nepal Tibet tour, we will provide you the latest update regarding the Tibet tour.

    Published on: December 28,, 2022

    Tibet reopen soon for foreign travelers,Tibet Reopen soon for foreign travelers , Tibet to open in 2023 for foreign travelers. Let's book your Tibet and Kailash tour with Himalayan Mentor.,https://www.himalayanmentor.com/assets/images/tibet/tibet-short-tour.webp,Last Updated: 2022-12-28,en-US, Himalayan Mentorhttps://www.himalayanmentor.com/assets/images/tibet/tibet-short-tour-small.webp