Book your trip with Himalayan Mentor for your responsible holiday.

    Before planning about any trip to Nepal, you should understand that, Nepal is mountain country and for your secure travel you should book a trip with government registered agency. We, Himalayan Mentor is government registered trekking, tour and adventure travel company and we ensure that we will provide you high quality services like; experienced guide, useful information related to your trip before your departure for the trip.

    Nowadays so many bloggers posted that Nepal is an easier country to visit and you can go solo, but they don’t know if any natural disaster happen here how they will overcome from that.  If you book the any trip with Himalayan Mentor (Government registered agency) and if anything happen while you are on trip our guide contact us and we will try to sort it out as soon as possible. As we offer different range of adventure activities like; peak climbing, trekking, sightseeing tour, nature trips etc. the rescue management procedure will be different for different activities as per the condition of the destination you will be on that time.

    Tour in Nepal with government register agency

    Well, trekking in Nepal also will be easy to difficult. We asked our clients to do insurance before they visit here and they should leave a copy of their insurance policy before leave for the trip. If they are affected by Mountain Acute Sickness (known as High altitude sickness) or any natural disasters like landslide or trail blocked due to heavy snow, we will be keep in touch with our guide and clients and we will immediately  fly helicopter to rescue them, the charge of helicopter should be covered by their insurance policy.  So the government register agency should responsible to save the life or try to avoid any difficulties on the trip of every individual traveler or trekker who booked the trip with them.

    Please try to avoid read fake blogs that mentioned you can travel without guide or booking trip with local agencies, which fake blogs or news might take your life to the end.  If you book the trip with local government registered agencies you may pay little bit more than you travel yourself (solo) but have you ever count the value of your life???

    Why Himalayan Mentor for trip?

    Being a responsible adventure travel company, Himalayan Mentor always ensure the safety and optimum client satisfaction by providing quality service and useful information related to your trip.  Any trip to Nepal, Tibet or Bhutan either that is sightseeing trip or adventure trekking, hiking journey, you can make booking with us and enjoy your trip for lifetime happy experience! 

    Book your trip with Himalayan Mentor for your responsible holiday.

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