Trekking in Bhutan

Enjoy walking holiday in the peaceful nature and exploring the culture. Pick the best treks in the Bhutan from below;

Trekking in Bhutan is one of the most spectacular different wilderness journeys which allow experiencing an unbeatable combination of fragile nature, traditional culture, splendid peaks and lush green temperate forests stretching along hillside. The exploration journey of the remote areas offers you opportunity to see this tiny kingdom Bhutan is barely touched by the modern facilities. The most of the landscapes are covered with thick forest and the small hamlets that trekkers come across are far detached from the chaos of city life. The typical cultural inhabitants of nomads and their traditional lifestyle are made main attraction of Bhutan trekking.

Bhutan trekking offers travelers to visit various remote regions of the country side and enjoy their exotic holiday. Simply your typical day of trekking commence after breakfast which guide will lead the way to hike of entire day. It will be perfect and comprehensive organized basis with caravan following journey. Along the trekking days you will be accommodate at tented camp and meals will be served there. The entire trekking days follow an exploration course of experiences with encountering rare wildlife various species of wild followers and panoramic views of eastern Himalayan ranges.

Himalaya Mentor together with its local tour operator in Bhutan offers you most comprehensive holiday opportunities to explore this last Shangri La. Our special packages allow you to explore Bhutan’s typical culture, fragile landscapes and traditional life style. Our Bhutanwalking holiday packages are thoroughly researched and planned perfect way that which we have proposed so undoubtedly all our guests can make their trip experience for lifetime.


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