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India’s north-east state Sikkim offers several adventure holiday options, among of them trekking in Sikkim allows travelers to explore incredible destinations. Hiking via across the cultural villages, sub alpine ridges, undisturbed lush green forests and enjoying spectacular views of snow capped peaks are truly natural ambience. The adventure seekers those who are dreaming a real wilderness experience trekking in Sikkim can be the best exploration journey of life time. Those who have deep interest of remote culture and traditional religious life style they can observe and spend their holiday different way to enjoy lots. The well preserved orchid sanctuary and rare faunal diversity, hill terraced beautiful hamlets and different tradition of Buddhism religion are main flavor of Sikkim trek.

Besides, authentic warm hospitality, friendly behavior of local people and easy access made one of the hottest destination among northeast India travelers. Sikkim’s most of the areas are inhabited by Nepalese and Tibetan origin groups, however religiously in the north dominated by Tibetan Buddhism. There are also several ethnical groups among of them the Lepcha is known as the main original group of state. While you are in trekking you can see and experience their typical cultures abundantly.

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