Trekking in Tibet

Tibet is the largest and highest plateau in the world. It is surrounded by the most extensive disorder of mountains all around. The roof of the world nomad land Tibet has various hidden destinations where only some places are possible to explore by trekking. The most exciting adventure trekking in Tibet considerably allows travelers to visit and experience its real natural wonders as well encounter traditional local cultures. Generally speaking Tibet trekking trails offer most perceptive, inspiring and fascinating experience as you trek up to a broad valley of barley field, great yak pastures, picturesque valleys of flowers, deep gorges, and rugged high altitude deserts, amazing views of snow caped mountains and highly glaciated mountain passes of Tibetan Himalayan range.

Tibet trekking holiday allow you to achieve both a depth of understanding and the intense experiences in this distinctive land, further more we can assist you to explore its unique natural wonders, and to meet its fascinating local cultures of different places. Most of the trekking areas are arid open barren and cold desert so bright sun hits and thin dry air blows most of the day. The walking holiday destinations in Tibet some of most popular region attracting several people from the world to explore its unique natural heritage and understand depth of the Buddhism culture, here we have selected best trekking trails to enjoy the most unforgettable holiday for your lifetime.

Here are the best treks for Tibet;


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Kharta Valley Trekking

Himalayan Mentor offers trekking package in Tibet’s Kharta Valley region to explore one of the most highlighted natural heritage of world. Together our trekking program is also ...

15 Days trip  |  Max. Altitude 5300m
Ganden-Samye Trek

Trek and tours to Tibet can be operated drive or fly from Kathmandu to Tibetan land first. The package of Ganden-Samye Trek/Tour in Tibet begins with drive through the boarder ...

14 Days trip  |  Max. Altitude 5150m
Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek

Tibet Everest Base Camp trek is an adventure trip provides a heady mix of solitude,wildlife sighting and physical challenge,in Tibetan land for your lifetime adventure dream.

14 Days trip  |  Max. Altitude 5150m