Why Himalayan Mentor for Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet & India holidays?

    Himalayan Mentor Pvt. Ltd. is a Government registered and responsible adventure travel company established by a group of travel professionals having more than a decade of experience in tourism field and specialist for trekking, expedition, tours & adventure travel.  As we are Government registered trekking/travel company in Nepal; we specialized in various culture and nature tours, short and long treks, mountaineering, wildlife safari, day trips and more adventure activities. The key of success of our company is our trekking and tour crews. All of guides who will be in different adventure filed have govt. licence for respected field. Our guides will be happy to assist you every moment of your journey. We always think about your flexibility, that's why we provide an opportunity to make your own holiday plan (if our travel packages don't suit for you), so you can enjoy purposeful holiday and hope that will be your best trip to Nepal.

    Besides providing the services in tourism field, the agency always dedicated for the satisfaction of our valuable guest and help in creating employment and generating income for the local people.

    Here is the main reasons why you should travel with Himalayan Mentor to Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan;

    10 Reasons to choose Himalayan Mentor for your trekking & tour to Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet & India!

    1. Expertise

    Himalayan Mentor; the company established in 2010 by Himalayan trekking and tour guides. Our crew knows how to assist the guest to achieve the ultimate goal of the trip. Our team will operate trip for you throughout Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. With our expertise, we are able to tailor a trip to customer’s need, budget and physical fitness.

    2. Experience

    Experience is the main thing that can make your journey as enjoyable as possible; The Company is owned by the team; who has more than 2 decade experience in tourism field. And our crews take the group to most of trekking trail in Nepal, Tibet, Mt. Kailash, Bhutan and Sikkim Darjeeling. Himalayan Mentor will make good experience for you after you did the trip.

    3. Small group private trip

    Unlike many other adventure trekking/ tour operators in Nepal, Himalayan Mentor focuses on small group tour, trekking, or hiking. Travel in big group might be problem for those who want to explore more. It means if you are in small group, the guide can listen to every individual tourist and try to describe the places and attraction.  It doesn’t mean our experience guide will not describe about places and attraction for big group but in small group, you will get personalized service.  We also organize big group tour or treks but always emphasis on small group.

    4. Pre-Departure Advice

    Pre-Departure advice is important thing for your travel. Before you go we will discuss you about the trip and your strength. So our experience staffs will understand your exact need and they will operate the trip accordingly to make your lifetime experience.

    5. Bespoke Itineraries

    We are at the cutting edge of designing bespoke itineraries across Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim-Darjeeling. Our extensive operations network allows us to open new trails, gain access permits to restricted areas, and offer you active options to various destinations.  All of trip we operate on the based on bespoke itineraries.

    6. Unbeatable Value and choice

    Himalayan Mentor holidays start from as little as USD $50 per person. And at some trips are free child places available, so the whole family can get away for less. We also book the hotel depends on your choice and budget so you can enjoy your trip on your style.

    7. Safety and Customer care

    Safety is our main concern on the trip so our crews on the field will insure by Company and all guests should need to provide their insurance copy before they depart for trip to us. On the way to trip, our experienced staffs are well known about safety measures.

    8. Responsible Travel

    Responsible travel is new concept on tourism field of Nepal. Tourism is one of the oldest forms of business ever known. Since development of human history people like to travel from one place to another in search of food and better place to live in. Today as the civilization grows people love to travel for entertainment, spend their leisure and holiday. Due to the invention of modern transport system, the world become so small by which they can reach any part of the world within few hours.

    9. Eco-Friendly practice

    Eco-tourism, also known as Sustainable Tourism is the form of tourism that involve to nature based traveling in undisturbed or untouched in remote places. It has become famous recently and more and more tourists are interested in eco-tourism.

    Nepal, though small nation is blessed with extreme natural beauty nestling in the lap of mighty Himalayan mountain continuously making it’s effort to develop itself as one of the famous eco-tourism destination of world. This form of tourism is regarded as environment friendly and protection of nature and its habitat. It is powerful tools to engage, encourage and educate local people, tourists, government and private agencies or tourism entrepreneurs to be aware and learn to protect natural resources of the country.

    10. Saving time

    Consumers have no time. We live in a time deprived society. Six in ten leisure travelers do not feel they have enough vacation time. The value of a travel agent is the ability to provide a personalized travel experience at the right quality and price and most importantly, saving time and energy for their customer.

    Sure, one can save money going online and spending hours to find the best deal. But a travel agent does the work and has the insight to match the right travel product at the right price with the appropriate needs. In fact, the value of a travel agent will become more enhanced in the future as the world continues to remain complicated, time deprived and stressful. Consumers will turn to travel experts who will act as travel concierges and consultants. 

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